Mar. 27th, 2011

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There was a charge to the air, like the hitch in your throat when you're about to cough. Something was wrong.

Flames and smoke began to emerge from the airspeeder. My insufferable fellow twi'lek (and unfortunately, for lack of a more flattering way to put it, my boss), Captain Kit , found himself yet again a magnet for trouble. He was closest to the vehicle, and as the ensuing explosion hurtled outward, Master Aquil moved to interpose himself between the captain and the impact.

The Crystal Cave of Dantooine, used for centuries by the neighboring Jedi Enclave in the construction of their lightsabers, collapsed, and the very earth gave way beneath us all.

Relieved though I was to execute an injury-saving somersault as I hit the ground, I had little time to glory in it. I was alone. The air was cold. Phosphorescent strips of mineral dimly lit the dank cavern. There was no response from the comlinks, and the Dark Side of the Force so shrouded this place, that telepathy with my Cathar padawan Frridder Hsk or with Master Aquil proved impossible. I could only hope that I was not the only survivor.

I knelt, and tried to remember my days as a youngling, when Solon, Ahdekta and I would clear out kinrath in this place.
A vision formed in my mind... )


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