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There was a charge to the air, like the hitch in your throat when you're about to cough. Something was wrong.

Flames and smoke began to emerge from the airspeeder. My insufferable fellow twi'lek (and unfortunately, for lack of a more flattering way to put it, my boss), Captain Kit , found himself yet again a magnet for trouble. He was closest to the vehicle, and as the ensuing explosion hurtled outward, Master Aquil moved to interpose himself between the captain and the impact.

The Crystal Cave of Dantooine, used for centuries by the neighboring Jedi Enclave in the construction of their lightsabers, collapsed, and the very earth gave way beneath us all.

Relieved though I was to execute an injury-saving somersault as I hit the ground, I had little time to glory in it. I was alone. The air was cold. Phosphorescent strips of mineral dimly lit the dank cavern. There was no response from the comlinks, and the Dark Side of the Force so shrouded this place, that telepathy with my Cathar padawan Frridder Hsk or with Master Aquil proved impossible. I could only hope that I was not the only survivor.

I knelt, and tried to remember my days as a youngling, when Solon, Ahdekta and I would clear out kinrath in this place.
A vision formed in my mind... )
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Michael Giacchino - Enterprising Young Men. From the new Star Trek. Getting my nerd on.
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Solon Min stood before Alora, shirtless and smiling. Scattered about him were at least a dozen vanquished foes, all Jedi, all women.

He smiled, and whispered to her. "Come to the Dark Side, Alora. You know you want to. Or do you still cling to the delusion that you can save me?"
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I swear that I could see forever in your eyes...
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Lol, I never knew Kanye was an otaku!
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Used this song for an old mix cd inspired by the Star Trek original series. Yes, I am a nerd.
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I used this in a fic I wrote once. Translated the lyrics into the drow dialect. Don't ask ;) rb@GR8FL
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Some of you may know that I am playing a Star Wars RPG set during the Old Republic era. I've been giving some thought lately to the design for a character that plays a very important role in my character's backstory. His name is Solon Min.

He was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender's Zuko and this GQMF right here, hence the name. I love his hair like this, at least for the character:

And as for his dark Jedi robes, I want them based on this. Collar up, turtleneck thingy underneath:

And full length look here (bless you D&G) :

Just give him a double-bladed lightsaber and boy is good to GO.
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I have had an epiphany. Perhaps it's the hormones or that I've had too much time alone to think about it, but nonetheless, I think I might actually have something.

I have been despairing on and off these last few weeks about Forgotten Realms new 4.0 system, in which rocks fall, everyone dies and only WOW fans and mechanics nerds are happy. I have realized something about this new, dark, edgy, emo universe that Hasbro Wizards of the Coast has created. This bastardization of something complicated, beautiful and fun has been done before...now where was that?


Alan Moore, Frank Miller (before he went batshit insane), Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison created some really interesting dark, introspective takes on the comics genre. Too bad the industry decided that everything would be better if it were just more dark and edgy! Case in point, the book we've all been waiting to be made into a movie (god knows why), Watchmen. How many out there have read Watchmen? Do you remember what happens at the end?

Spoiler Alert!!! )

And this is a classic of the genre. I have read it, as have many of you who take your "graphic novels" seriously. Like many of you, I've read Miller's best works, like The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One and 300. I've read Gaiman's Sandman output, as well as his brilliant 1602. I've read some of Moore's work, including V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. All great works of art, but unfortunately great artists and great works of art inspire imitators, movements. Look at comics of the late 80's, early 90's and look at it now.

Okay, the artistic standards have risen since then, I will give you that much. However...do the words Identity Crisis, One More Day and Anal Skrulls mean anything to you? Everything has to be big and dark and tragic and things get amped up more and more in efforts to top the last event. Because apparently the universe they had wasn't interesting enough to continue good storytelling without demolishing everything. Because of great artists like Moore, Gaiman, Miller and Morrison, we have pale imitations like Mark Millar and Joss Whedon (who really needs to turn in his feminist card right now - I'll get to this in a moment) and backlashing idiots fighting against anything intelligent or coherent whatsoever like Jeff Loeb (look at what's he's done to Ultimates and Hulk in the short-ass time he's had them).

About Joss Whedon needing to turn in his feminist card, to use his own words against him, we need equality, kinda now. NOT MORE FRIDGING, YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!!! I used to think Joss was witty and funny and progressive, but he keeps falling back on the same puppy-kicking crap to resolve his storylines and sometimes for no apparent reason whatsoever (Wash, anyone??!). How is it feminist to sacrifice a character many comics-reading women grew up admiring so that she could save the earth from a GIANT COCK BIG PHALLIC BULLET about to impale it? How is it feminist to flaut convention by portraying a happy, relatively stable lesbian relationship in a popular network program only to violently spilt up that couple for no good reason (oh, the same goes for interracial couples too, DOUCHE) ?

I could go on and on about the current douchebaggery infecting comics and in the Whedonverse, but this was originally about Forgotten Realms. So, trends cross genres. The darkness that came to comics via the masters was twisted by the incompetent and spread, zombie-like (Marvel Zombie-like...ugh) into other modes of geekdom. It spread to video games as well as table top. Anyone remember the abysmal downer endings for KotoR 2 and even the recent, otherwise brilliant GTA IV (talk about taking your $60, kicking you in the teeth and calling you a sucker for even playing the game)?

Who influenced the Masters? Most of them are British. Judging by the age group, I'd say Pink Floyd's The Wall is the genesis of all this emo crap (because, let's face it, it was whiny, emo crap), but...The Wall was surely influenced by The Who's Tommy, which was in turn both influenced by The Beatles' proclamation that ROCK MUSIC IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, and WW2's effect on British youth as they grw up during the Blitz.

WW2 can be at least halfway blamed on the stupid Treaty of Versailles (which both effectively ended WW1 and made WW2 inevitable).

WW1, WW2, British emo crap, dark and edgy comics and the shitstorm that has befallen the Forgotten Realms can therefore be blamed on Gavrilo Princip. Thanks a lot, you fucking douchebag.


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